We are
information designers

... and we believe that understanding
precedes action and change.


We co-design with scientists and journalists, businesses and organisations, professionals and individuals who need to turn complex information into meaningful narratives, unique visualisations and understandable messages.


We run hands-on workshops for designers and non-designers, for scientists and journalists, for businesses and organizations who work in an environment that requires presenting information in effective and creative ways.


We are experienced and charismatic public speakers and we love sharing our projects in the field of information design and data visualisation in order to build a cross-disciplinary community.

Designing for Tuesday

As information designers how can we create ripples that last? Designing For Tuesday is a story about visualising data for lasting impact.

The inside story

The inside story of how scientists, designers, cognitive experts and communication specialists co-designed the key visualizations of what has been called the most important climate report of the 21st century.

Direct links to video-presentations:
Part 1: Anna Pirani on Co-designing the IPCC special report
Part 2: Angela Morelli on Co-designing the IPCC special report
Part 3: Panel discussion

The IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C, the most important climate report of the 21st century is approved!

The founders of Infodesignlab are proud information designers and drafting authors of the IPCC Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C

Understanding the IPCC special report on 1.5°C global warming

Infodesignlab has visualized the context and explanation of key concepts about the IPCC landmark report on 1.5°C warming for WMO

A brief history of the 1.5°C target

Read our story on how we built and visualized the brief history of the 1.5C target together with Monica Bjermeland at Cicero


About risk literacy and how we perceive risk when visualised. On our flight home from a hot summer holiday in Sardinia, my daughter’s attention is caught by a visualisation in TIME magazine titled 'What are my risk factors?'

Our Medium posts: THE WATER WE EAT

Ten years ago I fell in love with the concept of virtual water and I could not imagine I was going to undertake a journey full of so many encounters.


We started InfoDesignLab because in the past 15 years we experienced how vital it is to design information in a way that strikes the right note in the mind of the viewer.

Photo: Torger Grytå

Angela Morelli is an Italian information designer based in Norway. She is CEO and co-founder of InfoDesignLab. She gained her MA in Communication Design from Central St Martins University in London, where she specialised in Information Design. Angela serves as an ambassador for virtual water and water footprint research, and was named a 2012 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum.
Tel: (+47) 466 533 90

Tom Gabriel Johansen is COO and co-founder of Infodesignlab. He is a data-journalist with over 15 years of practice in design; ranging from strategic design to board game design, from interaction design to information visualization. Tom’s work has been awarded for being innovative and powerful in the service of understanding. He is an acclaimed international speaker and have been teaching at several universities and academies including Central St Martins University in London.
@: tom@infodesignlab.com
Tel: (+47) 991 168 91

What they say about us

“Thank you for inspiring me and for pointing out those keys needed not only in science communication but in every day life.”
Miroslav Valan, Researcher in Bioinformatics and Genetics

“The Adopted User exercise was revolutionary for me. It brought to my life a new exciting perspective.”
Amanda Tattini, Project Manager

“Angela Morelli is an exceptional communicator. Her use of words and graphics expertly engages our emotions in readiness for the message.”
Prof Tony Allan, Stockholm Water Prize

“The Information Visualisation course at Central St Martins has been an inspiring journey into the amazing world of visual storytelling.”
Pedro Vaz, Graphics Animator

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